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Chelle Tuttle was born and raised in California, arriving in Morgan Hill at age six. She earned her B.A. in Environmental Studies and Geology at San Jose State. Her teaching credential in 2007 came from Cal State Teach at Monterey Bay University and she completed her student teaching here at CSMH. She taught first grade for three years in San Jose, before returning to CSMH in 2010. Chelle has taught kindergarten, first and second grades at CSMH. She has been a part of this community since her own child started at CSMH in kindergarten in 2006.


Recent Posts

Kindernews - MOVE IT MOVE IT!

Thank You:


Thank you to all of you that went Tuesday’ s MHUSD board meeting night. Your support is greatly appreciated. A special thank you to all of you that stayed to the bitter end (midnight!) and chaperoned on the field trip the next day!


The trip to Levi stadium was a great experience for the kinders.  They learned all about how motion is in the world.  They went into the movement lab, on the field, in the STEAM classroom and the 49er History museum.  Kinders learned how lift, drag, thrust and gravity all affect the game of football. Mr. Coach is extending these lesson here at CSMH with a football unit.


The field trip to Children’s Discovery Museum will be another hands on learning about motion in our world.  All parents are invited to join us for this one.  Student admission is covered by the CSMH Foundation, but adults must pay for themselves.   We can offer you tickets at a discounted price of $8 if you have the money sent in by 3:00 pmTuesday, December 12.  Otherwise, you can purchase tickets online or at the door for $15.

We will be taking VTA from the Santa Teresa station to the CDM stop and then back.  Although we return to school by 1:15 we will go back to class until the end of the regular day.

We are again asking that lunches come in disposable bags. Students will not be taking backpacks and we are limited on storage space at the museum.


Don’t forget to schedule coming to see the Holiday Motion Parade Wednesday December 20 at 8:15 am.  We start promptly at 8:15 and are done within 15 minutes.  All floats are due with their check off list in the classrooms by Tuesday the 19th.


Later in the morning on the 20th we will end our motion PBL with the motion party. There are still spots available to help at the stations

Remember it is a minimum day, we will be done at 12:00!


Upcoming Dates:

Thursday, December 14 - Field trip to Children's Discovery Museum

Tuesday, December 19 - Holiday floats due

Wednesday, December 20 - Minimum Day

*** Holiday float parade at 8:15 am, Motion party at 10 am!

Thursday, December 21 - Holiday Break

Monday, January 8 - School resumes

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for coming Thursday night to see and celebrate your student's work.  Hopefully you were able to make it to the 3rd annual Bug Broadway Bonanza.  The kinder bugs did an impressive job of educating everyone about why a bug is helpful or harmful to our farm.



When we return on Monday kinder will be starting a new project focusing on the forces of motion.  This project will include an at home family piece.  The culmination of our “Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions” project will be a winter holiday parade with floats made by kindergarten engineers. Each kindergartener and their family will sketch, build, test, improve and communicate about a holiday float that represents a family’s holiday traditions. This float must be able to move around the whole school campus at a parade on Wednesday, December 21. More information is in their Friday folder.



We also have an exciting fieldtrip to go along at the 49ers Museum at Levi Stadium.  This is a trip we applied for last year and got on the waitlist for this year.  They have just given us a date of Dec. 6. This is unfortunately a minimum day and we will have to leave school by 7:45, but it is an opportunity we could not pass up.  We are very limited on the number of chaperones that may attend.  We will be selecting those that can take 4 or more students and already have fingerprinting and driver paperwork on file in the office. If you plan on driving you own student, you will need to drop them off and then return at 2pm to pick them up. In today’s Friday folder is the trip permission slip.  There are 2 separate places on the form that you must sign.  There is also a separate consent form from the 49ers that also must be read, signed and returned.  All attendees, students and adults must have the signed form in order to attend. More details to follow.



Thank you for all the wonderful book donations from the Scholastic book fair.  Every dollar you spent goes towards improving CSMH.  Even though the fair was packed up today you still have an opportunity to shop.  For the next two weeks the online store will be open and CSMH will continue to get credit. Go to . Your child’s wish list is in their Friday folder in case you haven’t seen it.


Have a wonderful week off!


Upcomming Dates

Monday, November 20-24 – Thanksgiving week (No School)


Friday, December 1 – Spirit Day – PJs


Wednesday, December 6 - Minimum Day, Kinder fieldtrip 7:45am- 2:45pm


Friday, December 8 – Spirit Day – Nerd Day


Wednesday, December 20 – Minimum Day, Kinder Motion Parade and Motion Party


Thursday, December 21- January 5 No School – Holiday Break