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Enrollment FAQs


Who can apply to Charter School of Morgan Hill?

Any child residing in the state of California can apply to Charter School of Morgan Hill.                        

Does the school charge tuition?                                                                                             


No. CSMH is a public school in the state of California and is free to attend.


Does Charter School of Morgan Hill do additional annual fundraising?


Like most public schools, CSMH asks for monetary donations to support our program, but it's important for you to know that no child or family will ever be excluded from any school activity due to an inability to pay or lack of participation fund raising. While we strive for 100 percent participation in the Foundation Annual Giving and Growing Program, we understand that some families may not be able to participate.


All donations to CSMH are tax deductible.


Love the philosophy but worried about the commitment? Think this would be a great fit for your child and family, but not sure you can meet the volunteering requirements?


We recognize that we ask a lot from our families, and if our model of parent participation creates a hardship for your family now or any time after enrollment, we will work with you individually to find a mode of involvement that works for you. We have many working parents and single parent families, who we partner with to find opportunities that benefit their child, their classroom, and our school but also are compatible with their schedules.


We will never turn a child or family away from our school due to a parent's inability to meet the requirements for volunteering. We are committed to building a school community that is inclusive of all types of families. Socio-economic, racial, and ethnic diversity is highly important to us.


Does submitting an application guarantee my child a spot at Charter School of Morgan Hill?


No. If there are too many applications for a specific grade level, then enrollment is determined by an Admission Lottery.


If I am a prior year applicant who is still on the waitlist what is the status of my application for next year?


Your status needs to be updated. You will need to re-apply by submitting another complete application. The good news is that as a prior year waitlist individual you will not go through the lottery again, you will get carried over on the list in your order. Please note kindergarten applicants are not eligible for prior year's waitlist carryover, even if they applied the prior year.


If my child was offered a position in the prior year, but our family declined the offer, what is the status of the application for next year?


When your family declines an offered position, the child loses the position on the waiting list. You will need to re-apply by submitting another complete application during the open enrollment period for the following year and participate in the lottery again.


What happens during the Open Enrollment Period?


CSMH sets the open enrollment dates yearly, which are posted prominently on our website. During this defined period all applications received are eligible. Should the number of students applying for any grade level exceed the expected capacity for that grade, an Admissions Lottery shall be conducted for the open enrollment period applicants for the oversubscribed grades. There are preference categories that determine positions within the Lottery.


What are the Charter School of Morgan Hill Admission Lottery Preference Categories?

Enrollment preferences shall be given in the following order:

  1. Children of Charter School staff working 50% or more 
  2. Siblings of existing Charter School students
  3. Children of CSMH staff working less than 50% 
  4. All other residents of Morgan Hill Unified School District
  5. Children residing outside the District

If I find out about CSMH after the Enrollment Period (or after the Lottery) can I still submit an application?


Yes. Your child's name will be written in on the bottom of the office waitlist. However, if you do not receive placement, you must reapply the following year and go through the lottery. Your student will not be carried over on the waitlist.


If I enroll my child at a CSMH, can I change my mind?


Yes, you can. Filling out and returning an enrollment form does not commit you to a decision. As at any public school, you are entitled to withdraw your child at any time. You should be aware that once you withdraw or say "no" (to an offered space) CSMH will automatically drop/withdraw you from the attendance or school waitlist and offer the spot to the next waiting family.


What do I need to do if my child resides outside Morgan Hill Unified School District Boundaries?


There is no district-to-district transfer required.


What is the age requirement for Kindergarten at Charter School of Morgan Hill?


Your child must turn 5 years of age prior to September 1 to be age eligible for kindergarten.


How can I get more information about Charter School of Morgan Hill?


During our Open Enrollment Period, we hold a Prospective Parent Information meeting. We also give guided school tours one week each year. The information night and tour dates are posted on our website.


Do I need to attend an Informational Meeting?


Attendance at the information meeting is not required for an application to be considered complete, but it is highly recommended.


How do I get my other questions answered?


We would be happy to answer any other questions you may have. Please e-mail [email protected] or call the office for more information.