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Expanded Learning Opportunities-Program

What is ELO-P?

The Expanded Learning Opportunities-Program (ELO-P) is a state and locally funded program that CSMH began offering in the 2022-2023 school year. “Expanded learning” means before school, after school, summer, or intersession learning programs that focus on developing the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs and interests of students through hands-on, engaging learning experiences. The programs are pupil-centered, results driven, include community partners, and complement, but do not replicate, learning activities in the regular school day and school year. 

As a local educational agency (LEA) we operate the Expanded Learning Opportunities Program pursuant to the requirements in California Education Code Section 46120, including the development of a program plan. The CSMH ELO-P plans were approved before offering the program in June of 2022. The ELO-P plans are to be reviewed and approved by the Board every 3 years in compliance with state funding guidelines (EC Section 46120[b][2]). 

Examples of ELO programs include clubs, field trips, and tutoring programs. Such opportunities build skills through hands-on, experiential learning, and expand upon traditional learning that happens during the school day. Language of the bill gives much room for interpretation. It states that ELO-P funds may be used to: “[S]upport pupil access to expanded learning opportunity programs, which may include, but is not limited to, hiring literacy coaches, high-dosage tutors, school counselors, and instructional day teachers and aides to assist pupils as part of the local educational agency’s program enrichment activities.

Program Plan (CSMH BOD Approved June 2022)

Remaining dates for 2022-2023 School Year

June 19th-23rd - (5 Days) YMCA - Ag Science Enrichments (Snack/Lunch Provided)

Campus Open at 8:15 “Ag Camp” 8:30-10:30 YMCA 10am-5pm

Calendar for 2023-2024 School Year

*This is a tentative schedule. All updates by June 2023

July 31st - August 11th (10 Days) Summer Jumpstart (Snack/Lunch Provided)

August 14th-16th (3 Days) YMCA - Enrichment Activities TBD

October 6th and 9th (2 Days) YMCA - Enrichment Activities TBD

November 1st (1 Day) YMCA - Enrichment Activities TBD

January 2nd - 5th (4 Days) YMCA and Tutoring

February 20th - 24th (4 Days) YMCA and Tutoring

March 9th - (1 Day) YMCA - Enrichment Activities TBD

June 17th-21st - (5 Days) YMCA - Enrichment Activities TBD (Snack/Lunch Provided)

Program Availability

Our ELO-P satisfies the offer requirement by conducting outreach to our students and families in compliance with guidelines (EC Section 46120[e][5]). CSMH notifies families through Parent Square, via E-Mail, in Electronic Friday Folder attachments, on the school website, through school social media accounts, staff newsletters, and communication with the designated site coordinators.

Collaborative members 

A collective effort of staff will be used to develop a diverse curriculum to support the learning needs of all students. Additionally, we use a combination of staff and community resources to provide enrichment opportunities. 

Certified Teachers

Tutoring, small group support, teaching intersessional days, developing lessons

Classified Staff

Tutoring, enrichment activities, student supervision, teacher support

Educational Community Partners

Provide diverse enrichment opportunities


after school care on regular and intersessional days enrichment activities


Student guardian communications, focus on student and staff well-being, program procedures, and staff oversight. Monitor recruitment, enrollment, expenditures, compliance, and attendance.


Funding for ELO-P Explained

EdSource article in support of ELO-Ps

California Department of Education ELO-P Information

Governor’s Budget Summary - K-12 Education 23-34


CSMH ELO-P Program Coordinators 

Alex Carlson [email protected] Patrick Lynch [email protected]

YMCA Child Care Registration