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October 23,2015

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CSMH Student Published

Sept 2014 | Creative Communication

Congratulations to Kate Marcotullio. She recently had one of her poems published in the "Creative Communication Children's Poetry Anthology": a Shakespearean Sonnet.
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Bike to School Day

21 May 2014 | MH Times

Students, parents and teachers of Charter School of Morgan Hill enjoy an annual spring tradition of peddling on a seven-mile bike ride as a group along the rural Coyote Creek Trail stretching north from Morgan Hill.
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8th Graders Create Poetry Cafe

14 May 2014 | MH Times

Each year, students turn their classroom into a Poetry Cafe for one month while they complete a poetry unit. They cover the walls and decorate away for one week. The class is run cafe style.
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2nd Grade vs. wild turkeys

12 Oct 2013 | SJ Mercury

CSMH 2nd graders solve real world turkey problem. Teacher Kathy Funke says the kids figured out a solution -- they just need money to build it.
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