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Charter School of Morgan Hill

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Photo Gallery

students at trunk or treat
Mrs Gill dressed as Candy Corn
parents dressed in costumes
VSCO girls
Mrs Pfefferlen as cheetah
students dressed up in halloween costumes
alumni and ms brewer
students dressed in costumes
students dressed in costumes
boy dressed in wizard costume
two inflatable dinosaurs
child going to trunk decorated with Candy Land Theme
Adults dressed up as Sharks player and cow girl
boy to back of pickup truck to get candy
trunk decorated in harry potter theme
child in box decorated like whack a mole game
trunk decorated with wizard decor
girls dressed up in colorful halloween costumes
adult dressed in cat costume handing out candy
trunk decorated with spider webs
children going to trunk to get candy
two girls dressed in princess costumes
adult dressed in wonder woman costume and child in plaid shirt
girls dressed up in life guard sweatshirts and hawaiian shirts
adults standing in front of decorated trunk
trunk decorated in science theme
three young girls in tshirts
child looking at candy in trunk
three girls in halloween costumes
jurassic park decorated trunk
children dressed as winnie the pooh, Donald Trump and monster
girls dressed in costumes from Monsters Inc
inflatable dinosaur costume
teachers dressed in halloween costumes
halloween display with girl standing in front
kids dressed as hunter, pickachu, and referee
trunk decorated in Christmas Carol theme
man dressed as scrooge from Christmas Carol
kids walking up a ramp towards Vader sign
Girl dressed as cat and other girl as princess
Girl looking at bucket of candy held by person with a mask
Boy and girl dressed in halloween costume
kids dressed up for halloween
big inflatable minion
inflatable house with frankenstein
child dressed as hot dog
boys dressed as pirates
kids dressed as monster, giraffe, deer and cookie monster
trunk decorated for halloween
girls dressed as indian and princess
kids dressed as wonder woman, minnie mouse and woody
girl dressed as chewbacca
kids dressed in halloween costumes
kids trunk or treating
teacher dressed as witch
teens dressed for halloween
teachers dressed as la criox cans
people on blacktop for trunk or treat
child dressed as super girl
kids dressed as stay puff man and karate person
teachers, principal and kids dressed up for halloween
girls dressed up for halloween
kids dressed up for halloween
child dressed up as luigi from mario bros
teacher dressed up as green m&m
girls dressed as winnie the pooh
teachers dressed as plant and bee
child dressed as star wars character
girls dressed as deer
principal, executive director and teacher handing out pizza
child dressed as pizza and dinosaur
kids dressed as sesame street characters
games at trunk or treat
kids dressed as bunch of grapes and greek princess
girl dressed as witch
girls dressed as m&m's
inflatable minions
spider web game at trunk or treat