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If you wish to address the Board of Directors:

Although not necessary, if you wish to speak at a meeting of the Board of Directors, you are encouraged to talk with the school Administration and/or a Board member at least 5 days before a board meeting so that adequate meeting time will be scheduled. During each regular Board meeting, there are two opportunities to speak to the Board. The first opportunity occurs during the Public Comment portion of the meeting (see "Agenda Format" below). At this time, you may speak on any matter that you wish to bring to the Board's attention that is not an agenda item for the present meeting. Comments regarding items on the agenda will be heard at the time they are addressed by the Board. The Board will listen to the speaker, usually without making comments or answering questions. The Board may elect to respond to comments by directing further communications through the Charter School of Morgan Hill Administration or by placing the topic on a future board meeting agenda.

General Procedures:

  • Before the meeting begins, please complete a speaker card and give it to the Board secretary.
  • No person should speak for more than 5 minutes, unless the time limit is waived by the Board President. When there is a large number of speakers, the President of the Board may limit the total time devoted to any single topic.
  • By law, no person may initiate charges or complaints against individual employees or students of the school at a public meeting. Board discussions of personnel matters (students or employees) will take place in closed session, as provided by law. Any complaint should first be directed to the appropriate teacher or administrator.
  • Undue interruption or other interference with Board of Directors meetings is not allowed

Agenda Format:

Open Session
  • Roll Call of members present.
  • Public Comment: Members of the audience may address the Board regarding items not on the agenda.
  • Comments/Questions from Board members on reports in Board packet

Action Items

  • The Board acts only on those items listed. The Board may not act on items not listed on the published agenda, except in the event of an emergency.

Discussion Items

  • The Board and Administration discuss matters of mutual concern regarding the Charter School of Morgan Hill. The Board asks for information and provides direction and advice to the Administration. The Administration alerts the Board to anticipated issues, presents reports to the Board, staff, and public, and requests general policy direction from the board.

Your participation in Board meetings is welcomed. The members of the Board of Directors encourage and appreciate your active participation in the Charter School of Morgan Hill. Thank you

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